Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hands On - 6th of February 2011

This series of Hands On is drawing to its close, but don't despair, we've still got one more great episode for you this week, comprising highlights from the series and brand new footage, it's The Best Of Hands On!

If you missed out on any of the brilliant episodes this series, now's your chance to catch up and see our best bits - from our Makeover Challenge, when Caroline and Ronan battled to create the perfect look for one lucky viewer, to "Come Sign With Me" which saw Brigid O'Connor get a cookery crash course. Viewers and Hands On presenters shared their personal experiences in the form of video diaries - and their funny stories. There's another chance to see our fascinating look into Deaf History and life at St Joseph's School and a new chapter in Deaf History with the Deaf Village project. It is now expected that demolition of the old school building will take place in late Feb/March 2011.

We take a sneak peak behind the scenes for some hilarious out-takes - think our presenters always get their lines right the first time? Think again!
We also have an update on the controversial issue of the campaign for Deaf people to be allowed serve on a jury. Since we last discussed this topic, Hands On presenter, Senan Dunne, received a summons to serve at the Central Criminal Court. Though he was not empanelled in the end, the judge's ruling on his ability to serve was a major breakthrough and may pave the way for Deaf people to finally see a change in legislation. We interview Senan to find out more.

Last, but not least, we'd like to thank all our viewers for tuning in this series.

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