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Subtitled Cinema - Updated 24-03-2011

Subtitled cinema! 
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Southern & Northern Ireland

Adjustment bureau
The Adjustment Bureau subtitled (12a) 1 hour 46 mins
Thriller starring Matt Damon, Emily Blunt. Politician David Norris (Damon) falls for a beautiful ballet dancer called Elise (Blunt). But a group of mysterious men conspire to keep the couple apart. David soon realises that the men are agents of Fate, known as 'The Adjustment Bureau'. Now, against overwhelming odds, David must choose – let Elise go and accept his predetermined path, or defy Fate and risk everything to be with her. "Inception for romantics, a love story told through the medium of science-fiction - or maybe not" **** Four stars Empire

Belfast Odeon Victoria Square BT1
Tues 29th March 5:40

Rango subtitled (PG) 1 hour 47 mins
Animated adventure featuring the voice of Johnny Depp as Rango, a pet chameleon with a serious identity crisis. Fed up with blending in, Rango stumbles into a lawless desert outpost, where he finally stands out. Soon he is made the town's sheriff and through a series of action-packed encounters with the desert's most crazy characters, ends up saving the town – and himself.

Belfast Odeon Victoria Square BT1
Sun 27th March 4:00

Dublin - Parnell Street D1 Cineworld
Sat 26th March 11.10am, Mon 28th March 9.00pm

Lisburn: Omniplex
Wed 30th March 6.40


Most cinemas - including all 3D and digital-equipped cinemas - 
can screen most popular films with subtitles. Please ask cinemas to screen them!

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