Monday, January 17, 2011

Public Lecture Series January 27th


Centre for Deaf Studies,
School of Linguistics, Speech and Communication Sciences,
University of Dublin, Trinity College

Public Lecture Series 2010 – 11

Cork Deaf History:
Perspectives on Education, Language, Religion and Community
Graham O’Shea
(University College Cork)

Thursday, January 27th, 2011.

7.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Maxwell Hall, Hamilton Buildings, Trinity College.

ISL / English Interpretation will be provided.

Graham O’Shea is a Corkman. He studied in University College Cork / Bristol University for his B.Sc in Deaf Studies. He is currently completing his M.Phil in History at UCC. He is a member of Deaf History International, and has previously been a member of the Board of the Irish Deaf Society.

This thesis looks at the history of the Cork Deaf community in the nineteenth century. It begins by focusing on developments in Deaf education in Cork at the beginning of this period, as well as looking at those children who attended Deaf schools in Dublin. The Cork Day School, its establishment, operation and methods of education are described in particular detail. The relationship between the various Deaf schools in the country in the early part of the nineteenth century is examined, as well as their contacts with the Poor Law system and local Boards of Guardians. The Cork Deaf community during this period is also examined in terms of socialising, language, religion, marriage and family, and the world of work.

Directions to reach the Maxwell Hall

·      The Maxwell Hall is in the Hamilton Buildings, back of Trinity College
·      Entrance can be gained through four gates: Front Gate, Nassau Street, Lincoln Place, Westland Row and Pearse Street.

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